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What is primary eye care? What’s our roles as a primary eye care centre?

Primary eye care is a vital component in primary health care and includes the promotion of eye health care, the prevention and treatment of conditions that may lead to visual loss, as well as the rehabilitation of those who are already blind. The aim of primary eye care is to change the pattern of eye care services, currently often limited to the central hospitals and eye units in the cities, to countrywide blindness prevention programmes.

Primary eye care is the primary health care approach to the prevention of blindness and it should be an integral part of primary health care. Primary health care is defined as essential health care based on methods and technology that are practical and scientifically sound, as well as socially acceptable; accessible to the community, affordable for the community with good community participation.

Eye Screening

Eye screening or eye test is conducted to diagnose potential vision problems or eye disorders. It is conducted as part of a regular check-up or as a diagnostic test.

Cornea Health Screening

This screening maps the curve of a cornea and shows problems with the eye surface such as swelling, scarring or astigmatism.

Cataract Screening

Cataract screening is conducted to examine cataract symptoms and map out a treatment plan if needed.

Glaucoma Screening

Testing of the changes in the optic nerves, the pressure of fluid in the eye and the visual field to identify early glaucoma and prevent possible vision loss.

Retinal Assessment

This assessment helps in detecting and managing eye conditions caused by diabetes, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration.

Dry Eye Assessment

Investigation of cause and effects of dry eyes and planning of further treatments if needed.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Examination of age-related wearing down of the central portion of one’s retina that may cause severe or permanent vision loss.

Diabetic Related Eye Disease

A full, dilated eye-examination on a periodic basis to prevent diabetic-related eye disease or vision loss.

Children Vision

Routine screening to ensure normal development of vision in children, as well as to detect eye problems in children.

Contact Lens Fitting

To ensure that the right-fitting contact lens is prescribed based on the measurement of cornea and eye condition as well as lifestyle and preferences.

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