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Corporate eye health services

We specialize in corporate eye health services, designed specifically for corporations to ensure that your team’s vision aligns perfectly with your business objectives. Our corporate eye health services include comprehensive on-site eye examinations and exclusive corporate discounts on eyewear, offering a full spectrum of solutions that are both convenient and cost-effective. More importantly, these corporate eye health services contribute significantly to the long-term ocular health of your employees. Opting for our corporate eye health services is more than just an added benefit; it’s a strategic investment in enhancing workplace performance by minimizing eye strain, sharpening focus, and boosting productivity. Partner with us for corporate eye health services, and together, we’ll sharpen your team’s vision for a brighter, more productive future.

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Community health volunteers and an optometrist at a vision screening booth, showcasing dedication to public eye care services.
Optometrist providing an eye examination to a uniformed officer during a corporate health event
Community leaders participating in a corporate services event, exemplifying engagement and support in local health initiatives.
Optometrist on wheels

Corporate Eye Health Services at your premise

Our mobile eye check station, a key component of our corporate eye health services, is perfect for events that require accessible corporate services for large groups. With our corporate services, we provide flexibility upon arrival; whether in an open space, break room, or conference room, our team promptly sets up an exam area. Our optometrists, integral to our corporate services, come equipped with the latest in mobile diagnostic technology, ensuring your staff receives top-tier care. Additionally, a stylish selection of eyeglasses and contact lenses will be on display for purchase. The best part? Your team can enjoy minimal disruption, returning to their desks within just 30 minutes—corporate services tailored for efficiency.

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Optometrist on wheels

Corporate Screening at KASS IP

KASS provides advisory and consultation services in all Intellectual Property (IP), franchising and translation matters including the filing, prosecution and maintenance of IP rights. Top One Optical recently completed a comprehensive on-site corporate eye screening event, which involved the participation of 80 employees of KASS IP. Spanning a duration of two hours and thirty minutes, the session commenced with an informative 15-minute talk focused on raising awareness about eye health. This presentation aimed to educate the employees on the importance of regular eye examinations and the prevention of common eye issues.

Following the educational talk, our team of qualified optometrists carried out thorough eye health checks for each participant. These examinations are crucial as they can detect not only vision-related issues but also signs of other health problems, such as diabetes and hypertension, through non-invasive methods. The event was designed to be both informative and beneficial, ensuring that the health of employees’ vision is maintained and that they are informed about the best practices in eye care.

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If you can't come to us, we'll come to you

We understand that sometimes it's difficult to find the time for frequent eye checks as our busy schedules seem to always get in the way. Our innovative approach of bringing our services to you not only simplifies eye care but also plays a vital role in maintaining the overall ocular health of diverse communities.


Mobile services bring eye care directly to patients, eliminating the need for them to travel. This convenience is made for businesses or organizations that wants to provide special benefits for its employees or members.


It makes eye care accessible to communities and areas where traditional optometry services might be scarce, thus reaching a broader population.

Early Detection

By making eye checks more accessible, we increase the likelihood of early detection of eye conditions, which can lead to better outcomes through timely treatment and intervention.

Corporate Benefits

Take advantage of corporate perks.


Annual eye check

Offering annual eye checks at discounted rates, we ensure your employees enjoy affordable, top-tier eye care services.

Corporate discounts

We enhance corporate eye care with exclusive discounts, offering our clients cost-effective, quality vision solutions.

Exclusive services for family members

Our corporate eye care extends to immediate family members, ensuring exclusive, comprehensive vision care for your loved ones.

Free glasses for top management

Offering complimentary annual eyewear to top management, our corporate eye care services blend premium care with executive perks.

Rebates on cash term

Providing corporate eye care services with added value, we offer cash rebates as a tangible benefit to our clients.

Why Top One Optical?

Experienced Optometrists

With decades of expertise, our professionals bring quality eye care right to your doorstep.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Advanced diagnostic tools for accurate assessments, ensuring the best care for your team.

Tailored Solutions

Customized screening packages to meet the unique needs of your business and employees

Enhance employee benefits – add premium eye care today!

Upgrade your employee benefits package with our premium eye care services. By choosing our comprehensive corporate plans, you're not just investing in your team's vision health, you're enhancing their overall well-being and productivity. Elevate your company's care for its employees and see the positive impact on your business.

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